The Beauty of Rain, Dewdrops and Different Styles

16 Aug



I saw a fabulous oil on canvas by Leonid Afremov that someone added an interesting twist of “actual” moving raindrops ;)…ahh, the fun folks have with phones, apps,joan patterns computers and graphics now!  But look at the beauty of the original art by itself!



Well, naturally, it reminded me of the heart and skill of painting a simple dewdrop with such a realistic touch! They can be found all throughout Joan Patterns.


Personally, I can’t help but suggest

A Joan Johnson Essential!

A Joan Johnson Essential!

the Roses, Lace and Dewdrops e-book

(pic to R) in particular.  It is simply an

essential for any Fan of Joan’s.  

It is a more advanced book, but one

of the finest examples of gaining the

true essence of what Joan represented

in her art.




Dewdrops POM (Pattern of Month)

Dewdrops POM (Pattern of Month)





Another “must have” in this department is,

of course, the Dewdrops e-pattern (Pic on L)





Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!  And I’ll leave with a favorite quote of mine by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

“Every dew-drop and rain-drop had a whole heaven within it.”


Signing off with Peace and Inspiration to you ALL…

Kelly and Joan Patterns

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Memorial Day 2015: Grateful and Beautiful Life

24 May
JoanPatterns Honors the Fallen this Memorial Day

JoanPatterns Honors the Fallen this Memorial Day

As we all know, Memorial Day is much more significant than a long weekend,

going to the lake, and having brats, dogs and burgers.  It is a reminder

of the brave men and women who have laid

down their lives for this country.  They have

paid the ultimate  sacrifice not merely to protect our nation, but  that

we may continue to live under our current blanket of freedom.

One of Grandma Joan’s Tributes.

We honor our fallen soldiers and the families

who suffered and shared the bravery of their family

members.   Words do no justice.

So we show our greatest respect to those Sons,

Daughters, Parents, Spouses, Siblings, Friends and

Loved Ones that we cannot thank in person, by honoring them

with our daily actions and constant gratitude

for the patriotic service and sacrifice they have provided for the

security, rights and freedoms for their nation.

 We thank Them Today, Tomorrow and Always.

From Us to You,

Kelly &


Flag lesson can be found


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How to Show Your Own Personality!

15 May
A few of our fun painting tools!

A few of our fun painting tools!


So let’s get ready to paint!  I have to tell you that I am in the mood.  I also have to tell you that I am no Joan Johnson, but that isn’t going to stop me.  The above photo has a few of the basics tools to get you ready for a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening of oil painting.    Never feel restricted with theses patterns though.  Oil paints, while often intended for Joan’s realistic look, are far from the only technique or materials that can be successful applied.  Acrylic lends itself very nicely and oil and acrylic play quite well together.


We have had a wonderful artist, Joyce Tennis, share her  conversions from a rose oil pattern to watercolor. You can see in this older  Conversion Blog posted by Grandpa Howard.  Even today, I was looking on Facebook at a friend’s work who is going to an Art Institute in California and the Blended Method can easily be seen in graphic arts as he created a realistic pear on the computer.  Absolutely amazing.


Never feel limited and know that we will all create our own unique vision.

Cherries from Blended Method Packet

Cherries from Blended Method Packet


With that in mind I want to share the scan to the left of cherries from the initial Blended Method Packet


It gave the very basic idea of what to expect in creating a more realistic look, yet you will likely still not come up with the exact replica.  Nor should you, quite frankly.

My first Blended Method Project.

My first Blended Method Project.


Using that packet, the cherries were my first attempt at decorative paining.  It did not look identical.  I attempted to add some colors and details in the leaves that are not shown.  I also fixed many a mistake.  But it was mine!  I created it.  And the techniques applied did give  realistic look…even on the first try.   The below link takes cherries to the next level.

(12) Cherries Lesson Packet (More advanced and intricate than the Blended Method cherries)


Joan's Decorative Doves/Nester's Village by two different  artists.

Joan’s Decorative Doves/Nester’s Village by two different artists.


This photo is another meant to highlight two separate examples of Joan’s Nester’s Village POM #74 (Pattern of the Month)  The Decorative Hinged Trinket Box is obviously much more detailed and the artist more skilled.  Yet the other, while a beginning piece, takes the same basic outline and pattern and shares particular ideas to make it stand out as unique.


By showing both, it is important to show how one pattern can have such uniqueness as each of us starts becoming comfortable with our own special touches.  As you hone your craft and become skilled in stroke-work, that becomes even more possible.  That was a very important message of the teacher and woman that was Joan Johnson.  It should be remembered.


Have a great one!



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Veggies and Fruit and Fun…Oh, my!

02 May

jp facebook quote

What is something that we all have to do everyday?  Nourish ourselves.  That’s the polite way of saying…eat!!   Food can be an infinite fount of inspiration for an artist.  It certainly was for Joan Johnson.   Look at all of the fabulous colors in fruits and vegetables.  They are a palette of colors before you in and of themselves.  They have long been the subject of great works of art for that very reason.  I personally love shopping and coming home with strawberries, blackberries, apples, asparagus, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes…I feel so healthy, in part because it all looks so beautiful without doing a thing!

How can these amazing natural colors not inspire someone?

How can these amazing natural colors not inspire someone?

Grandma Joan often used food as subjects for her work.   It is everywhere and so lovely and delectable.   In fact, just recently, Grandpa Howard showcased her Strawberries Workbook on the Facebook page.

Here is his video of strawberries workbook in case you missed it.   Strawberries are such a favorite treat of mine and I cannot tell you how much fun it is to paint them.

Another way that food can inspire painting is by decorating plain, yet useful,  kitchen or dining room items, which of course, stems to the basic tenet of Decorative Tole Painting.  Paint on the ordinary and make them extraordinary.  One of the MANY things I will always remember growing up around Grandma Joan were special touches like a fabulously oil painted metal lid for a jar to hold cinnamon sticks in at the Johnson house.  I was captivated by such a small item.    The following picture shows a couple practical examples in our home inspired by food in a different way.  The very best part about Decorative Art sometimes! So much fun to be had.  I hope you are getting inspired in your own ways with some of this sharing.

Necessities in the Kitchen...Trivets and Cooking Utensils

Necessities in the Kitchen…Trivets and Cooking Utensils

All our Best from Joan Patterns on this Lovely Day!



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Get Your Inspiration On Everyone!

29 Apr

red rose with dew drops photo  

     Joan Johnson was a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Master of Decorative Arts (MDA), Silver Palette Award winner,  Charter Member of the Society of Decorative Tole Painters, creator of the Blended Method and beloved particularly for her Realistic Roses Book

     Needless to say, nature was a huge inspiration for our Grandma Joan.  She found constant inspiration from the outdoor beauty of God’s creations. 

    I found the following picture (R) on Pinterest… Robert Eke Photography.  What fun with inspiration and nature!

Inspiration spilling forth through nature...

Inspiration spilling forth through nature…

    When our family would visit, long before there was a Starbucks on every corner, Grandma Joan would sit out early in the morning with an Iced Coffee, a set of binoculars and a bird book. I can only imagine how she would bond with her youngest daughter on the occassional Starbucks splurge if she were here today!  She would likely find it too much, but we all need a treat now and again!  

    The back patio at Lake Quivera was an early riser’s dream.   The misty lake before us, the sun rising, the birds fluttering about, the flowers’ dewdrops.    That inspiration was showcased in Roses, Lace and Dewdrops

    She began many a day this way, as an artist looks to find balance in allowing inspiration to come their way.  Good luck  finding your inspiration today!










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A Silent Watcher can change the feel of a room…

17 Apr
Some lovely stroke work on a turntable and Joan Patterns POM 94 "Silent Watcher"

Some lovely stroke work on a turntable and Joan Patterns POM 94
“Silent Watcher”

Anyone who has owned a cat knows that they sneak in and out of rooms with great finesse.  They also flip their tails in your face, sit on your computers, hunt if you let them( be it bugs, mice or bunnies).  They can have random energy spurts or just laze about.  More often than not,  they quite enjoy perching silently above the rest of us mere mortals.  They may choose a spot that is closer to the ground, all the while knowing they rule the house.  They are the Silent Watchers.

We have a Bichon Frise-Poodle mix, Roxie, who is full of energy, love and is anything but silent.  But then there is my immaculate, purring angel Sophie.  Yet, she forever sheds.  So how can you have your “Silent Watcher ” subtly perk up your room without attracting the dreaded stigma of “Cat Lady”?

Paint It!

There is more than one in this home! Not including Sophie 🙂

Just Click on the link below and you can see POM (Pattern of the Month) 94

Welcome a “Silent Watcher” to your Home


All my best,


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Why a Pattern?

12 Apr

jp blog quote

Growing up around a family of artists can be intimidating.  It also will more than likely change the way you see the world simply by osmosis.  One either chooses to follow in the inspirational footsteps before them, chooses something entirely different or as has been the case for most of my life…finds other outlets to release innate creativity.  Which  I firmly believe we all have within us.

The Art of Tole Painting began with the simple idea of taking a plain tin or wooden piece and through art turning it into something that could make your home as lovely as those that were of an elite class.  Suddenly you could have homes that shared that same beauty by creating it themselves through Tole and Decorative Art.

When I first dipped my toe into the world of Decorative Tole Painting,  I began with the Blended Method Packet that Joan Patterns had created.

It felt as though Grandma was right there explaining exactly what to do along the way.   I can honestly say this was my first attempt at real painting.  I had gone down the music, acting, debating, and writing paths in regards to traditional artistic venues.

I feared my perfectionism would be my downfall as I began.  I had crazy high expectations.  As such, I was missing the joy.  Luckily, I soon found it, though before I did I was given a helpful phrase for when I felt a mistake was made.   “I like it like that!”  When I accepted this, painting became incredibly soothing.  The joy is something that cannot be missing while painting.   The patterns made complete sense to me as it showed step by step what I could do as a beginner.  Patterns allow for one to be taught specific designs, strokes, color combinations and methods.

What I learned quite quickly, was that this was not simply a copy of another person’s work.  I was being taught a skill, by a master, no less.  This must always occur at a basic level to take a craft and make it your own.  Look at Pinterest and all the ideas we glean from that now.

What I also learned is that this is not just for beginners.  A pattern is an outline…where you go from there is your own decision.  We all will find different pieces on which to paint the same pattern.   Some may use oils, some acrylic, some watercolor…the possibilities are endless.  What looks like the right color to me, may need a touch more burnt umber (one of the 8 colors Joan Patterns used) to look just right to you.  The finishes used become your own decorative flair.  You may only use a part of the pattern in the most unique of ways.  Ways in which only your eyes can see it.  One does not trump the other, but rather, that is where our own creativity comes into play.

In this day and age, we are in desperate need of finding something to slow down the stress and hectic lives that we lead.   It began with busy stay at home moms getting together and sharing social, freeing and imaginative learning together.   It can and still is that for many.   For so many though there is a need to find a love and a skill that is all their own.  The pattern leads you right down that path.  All you have to do then is throw on some Classical, Jazz, or Classic Rock and just paint away.

Until Next Time!




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Making a house a Home

06 Apr

Welcome to the Joan Patterns Blog!  I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself as I am honored to have been added as a new administrator to the Facebook page and will be a “Partner in Crime” with my Grandpa Howard on this adventure.  First and foremost, thanks to all of you who have shown interest and who have liked and followed with interest thus far.  You have no idea how much that means to our entire family and to the legacy and continuation of  Joan Patterns.  It absolutely is a testament to Joan Johnson herself, a devoted follower of Christ, wife, mother, grandmother, artist and teacher.

Little Kelly at Grandma and Grandpa's Table

Little Kelly at Grandma and Grandpa’s Table

Now comes the introducing.  My name is Kelly and I am the middle child of Howard and Joan’s eldest son, Larry.   As such, I am also the proud granddaughter of these two incredibly gifted artists and partners in every way.  I was privileged to have known that amazing and talented woman for 13 years before the Good Lord opened his arms to envelop Grandma to a finer world than we can possibly imagine.

What I have always found amazing about art and Grandma Joan’s work is how it sneakily opens a world of creativity in all aspects of a person’s life when you are least expecting it.  Suddenly, not only are you painting, perhaps for the first time as an adult beginner with her patterns, but you are beginning to really think outside the box when it comes to daily life.  It may be playing with a creative new recipe and putting your own spin on it.  It could be taking a mistake made during construction and rather than going for the obvious overhaul fix, you see that all you need is a little Rub ‘N Buff.  Possibly, it is as simple as moving furniture around in a way that never even would have occurred to you before.

The following is POM 63 (Pattern of the Month) and Grandma Joan Painted both the his and hers on suitcases for my older brother, Chris and myself.

His & Hers POM 63

His & Hers POM 63


POM 63 painted on a suitcase for a child.  So special!

POM 63 painted on a suitcase for a child. So special!

Here is a link to this particular e-POM…

Feel free to wander around a bit and check out some of the other info while there!

Grandma Joan always told my mom, who was a student of hers, “You should never have to spend money to make things beautiful.”  Use what is in your house or check out garage sales.  It is how you see things that makes them beautiful.  Never feel limited in your creativity.  What she never skimped on, though, were quality brushes and paints.  Luckily, she only used 8 colors!  Decorative Art truly makes a house a Home in ways that we never even can anticipate.  We sure are lucky to have any part of that.

I’ll be chatting with you all very soon!






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22 Jul

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JOAN’S HOME VIDEO part three

22 Jul

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