Making a house a Home

06 Apr

Welcome to the Joan Patterns Blog!  I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself as I am honored to have been added as a new administrator to the Facebook page and will be a “Partner in Crime” with my Grandpa Howard on this adventure.  First and foremost, thanks to all of you who have shown interest and who have liked and followed with interest thus far.  You have no idea how much that means to our entire family and to the legacy and continuation of  Joan Patterns.  It absolutely is a testament to Joan Johnson herself, a devoted follower of Christ, wife, mother, grandmother, artist and teacher.

Little Kelly at Grandma and Grandpa's Table

Little Kelly at Grandma and Grandpa’s Table

Now comes the introducing.  My name is Kelly and I am the middle child of Howard and Joan’s eldest son, Larry.   As such, I am also the proud granddaughter of these two incredibly gifted artists and partners in every way.  I was privileged to have known that amazing and talented woman for 13 years before the Good Lord opened his arms to envelop Grandma to a finer world than we can possibly imagine.

What I have always found amazing about art and Grandma Joan’s work is how it sneakily opens a world of creativity in all aspects of a person’s life when you are least expecting it.  Suddenly, not only are you painting, perhaps for the first time as an adult beginner with her patterns, but you are beginning to really think outside the box when it comes to daily life.  It may be playing with a creative new recipe and putting your own spin on it.  It could be taking a mistake made during construction and rather than going for the obvious overhaul fix, you see that all you need is a little Rub ‘N Buff.  Possibly, it is as simple as moving furniture around in a way that never even would have occurred to you before.

The following is POM 63 (Pattern of the Month) and Grandma Joan Painted both the his and hers on suitcases for my older brother, Chris and myself.

His & Hers POM 63

His & Hers POM 63


POM 63 painted on a suitcase for a child.  So special!

POM 63 painted on a suitcase for a child. So special!

Here is a link to this particular e-POM…

Feel free to wander around a bit and check out some of the other info while there!

Grandma Joan always told my mom, who was a student of hers, “You should never have to spend money to make things beautiful.”  Use what is in your house or check out garage sales.  It is how you see things that makes them beautiful.  Never feel limited in your creativity.  What she never skimped on, though, were quality brushes and paints.  Luckily, she only used 8 colors!  Decorative Art truly makes a house a Home in ways that we never even can anticipate.  We sure are lucky to have any part of that.

I’ll be chatting with you all very soon!






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