Why a Pattern?

12 Apr

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Growing up around a family of artists can be intimidating.  It also will more than likely change the way you see the world simply by osmosis.  One either chooses to follow in the inspirational footsteps before them, chooses something entirely different or as has been the case for most of my life…finds other outlets to release innate creativity.  Which  I firmly believe we all have within us.

The Art of Tole Painting began with the simple idea of taking a plain tin or wooden piece and through art turning it into something that could make your home as lovely as those that were of an elite class.  Suddenly you could have homes that shared that same beauty by creating it themselves through Tole and Decorative Art.

When I first dipped my toe into the world of Decorative Tole Painting,  I began with the Blended Method Packet that Joan Patterns had created.

It felt as though Grandma was right there explaining exactly what to do along the way.   I can honestly say this was my first attempt at real painting.  I had gone down the music, acting, debating, and writing paths in regards to traditional artistic venues.

I feared my perfectionism would be my downfall as I began.  I had crazy high expectations.  As such, I was missing the joy.  Luckily, I soon found it, though before I did I was given a helpful phrase for when I felt a mistake was made.   “I like it like that!”  When I accepted this, painting became incredibly soothing.  The joy is something that cannot be missing while painting.   The patterns made complete sense to me as it showed step by step what I could do as a beginner.  Patterns allow for one to be taught specific designs, strokes, color combinations and methods.

What I learned quite quickly, was that this was not simply a copy of another person’s work.  I was being taught a skill, by a master, no less.  This must always occur at a basic level to take a craft and make it your own.  Look at Pinterest and all the ideas we glean from that now.

What I also learned is that this is not just for beginners.  A pattern is an outline…where you go from there is your own decision.  We all will find different pieces on which to paint the same pattern.   Some may use oils, some acrylic, some watercolor…the possibilities are endless.  What looks like the right color to me, may need a touch more burnt umber (one of the 8 colors Joan Patterns used) to look just right to you.  The finishes used become your own decorative flair.  You may only use a part of the pattern in the most unique of ways.  Ways in which only your eyes can see it.  One does not trump the other, but rather, that is where our own creativity comes into play.

In this day and age, we are in desperate need of finding something to slow down the stress and hectic lives that we lead.   It began with busy stay at home moms getting together and sharing social, freeing and imaginative learning together.   It can and still is that for many.   For so many though there is a need to find a love and a skill that is all their own.  The pattern leads you right down that path.  All you have to do then is throw on some Classical, Jazz, or Classic Rock and just paint away.

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