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29 Apr

red rose with dew drops photo  

     Joan Johnson was a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Master of Decorative Arts (MDA), Silver Palette Award winner,  Charter Member of the Society of Decorative Tole Painters, creator of the Blended Method and beloved particularly for her Realistic Roses Book

     Needless to say, nature was a huge inspiration for our Grandma Joan.  She found constant inspiration from the outdoor beauty of God’s creations. 

    I found the following picture (R) on Pinterest… Robert Eke Photography.  What fun with inspiration and nature!

Inspiration spilling forth through nature...

Inspiration spilling forth through nature…

    When our family would visit, long before there was a Starbucks on every corner, Grandma Joan would sit out early in the morning with an Iced Coffee, a set of binoculars and a bird book. I can only imagine how she would bond with her youngest daughter on the occassional Starbucks splurge if she were here today!  She would likely find it too much, but we all need a treat now and again!  

    The back patio at Lake Quivera was an early riser’s dream.   The misty lake before us, the sun rising, the birds fluttering about, the flowers’ dewdrops.    That inspiration was showcased in Roses, Lace and Dewdrops

    She began many a day this way, as an artist looks to find balance in allowing inspiration to come their way.  Good luck  finding your inspiration today!










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