Veggies and Fruit and Fun…Oh, my!

02 May

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What is something that we all have to do everyday?  Nourish ourselves.  That’s the polite way of saying…eat!!   Food can be an infinite fount of inspiration for an artist.  It certainly was for Joan Johnson.   Look at all of the fabulous colors in fruits and vegetables.  They are a palette of colors before you in and of themselves.  They have long been the subject of great works of art for that very reason.  I personally love shopping and coming home with strawberries, blackberries, apples, asparagus, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes…I feel so healthy, in part because it all looks so beautiful without doing a thing!

How can these amazing natural colors not inspire someone?

How can these amazing natural colors not inspire someone?

Grandma Joan often used food as subjects for her work.   It is everywhere and so lovely and delectable.   In fact, just recently, Grandpa Howard showcased her Strawberries Workbook on the Facebook page.

Here is his video of strawberries workbook in case you missed it.   Strawberries are such a favorite treat of mine and I cannot tell you how much fun it is to paint them.

Another way that food can inspire painting is by decorating plain, yet useful,  kitchen or dining room items, which of course, stems to the basic tenet of Decorative Tole Painting.  Paint on the ordinary and make them extraordinary.  One of the MANY things I will always remember growing up around Grandma Joan were special touches like a fabulously oil painted metal lid for a jar to hold cinnamon sticks in at the Johnson house.  I was captivated by such a small item.    The following picture shows a couple practical examples in our home inspired by food in a different way.  The very best part about Decorative Art sometimes! So much fun to be had.  I hope you are getting inspired in your own ways with some of this sharing.

Necessities in the Kitchen...Trivets and Cooking Utensils

Necessities in the Kitchen…Trivets and Cooking Utensils

All our Best from Joan Patterns on this Lovely Day!



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