How to Show Your Own Personality!

15 May
A few of our fun painting tools!

A few of our fun painting tools!


So let’s get ready to paint!  I have to tell you that I am in the mood.  I also have to tell you that I am no Joan Johnson, but that isn’t going to stop me.  The above photo has a few of the basics tools to get you ready for a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening of oil painting.    Never feel restricted with theses patterns though.  Oil paints, while often intended for Joan’s realistic look, are far from the only technique or materials that can be successful applied.  Acrylic lends itself very nicely and oil and acrylic play quite well together.


We have had a wonderful artist, Joyce Tennis, share her  conversions from a rose oil pattern to watercolor. You can see in this older  Conversion Blog posted by Grandpa Howard.  Even today, I was looking on Facebook at a friend’s work who is going to an Art Institute in California and the Blended Method can easily be seen in graphic arts as he created a realistic pear on the computer.  Absolutely amazing.


Never feel limited and know that we will all create our own unique vision.

Cherries from Blended Method Packet

Cherries from Blended Method Packet


With that in mind I want to share the scan to the left of cherries from the initial Blended Method Packet


It gave the very basic idea of what to expect in creating a more realistic look, yet you will likely still not come up with the exact replica.  Nor should you, quite frankly.

My first Blended Method Project.

My first Blended Method Project.


Using that packet, the cherries were my first attempt at decorative paining.  It did not look identical.  I attempted to add some colors and details in the leaves that are not shown.  I also fixed many a mistake.  But it was mine!  I created it.  And the techniques applied did give  realistic look…even on the first try.   The below link takes cherries to the next level.

(12) Cherries Lesson Packet (More advanced and intricate than the Blended Method cherries)


Joan's Decorative Doves/Nester's Village by two different  artists.

Joan’s Decorative Doves/Nester’s Village by two different artists.


This photo is another meant to highlight two separate examples of Joan’s Nester’s Village POM #74 (Pattern of the Month)  The Decorative Hinged Trinket Box is obviously much more detailed and the artist more skilled.  Yet the other, while a beginning piece, takes the same basic outline and pattern and shares particular ideas to make it stand out as unique.


By showing both, it is important to show how one pattern can have such uniqueness as each of us starts becoming comfortable with our own special touches.  As you hone your craft and become skilled in stroke-work, that becomes even more possible.  That was a very important message of the teacher and woman that was Joan Johnson.  It should be remembered.


Have a great one!



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