Raccoon – What Fun!

14 Aug

Here's looking at you!

What else!  A raccoon peeking  out of his home from a knothole in a tree.  Joan was inspired by, who knows where she found this knothole.  So, viola, she comes up with or imagines a raccoon peering out from this natural knothole.  This inspired POM #9 “Raccoon” (see Patterns list of POM’s).  I had forgotten this object d’arte until I saw it on my son Larry’s wall the other day.  I thought it would be interesting to share in a blog with my painters.

This POM was one of Joans  most wanted and had to be reprinted.  We decided to accommodate painters with a replica of the knot hole, so had a mold made and made reproductions of the knothole for sale.  They seemed to go together.  I have no idea how many we sold, but if you have a friend who has one with a raccoon peeking out, you have “the story”.  If you decide to paint “Raccoon”,  sorry, you have to find your own knothole.


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