Joan’s Video Part Two

08 Jul

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Joan’s Video Part 1

03 Jul

I’m HAPPY to add JOAN’S HOME VIDEO part one. This Uncut Home Video is a thing of pleasure. This original was recorded by her sister Barbara. Barbara with her brand new camcorder wanted to archive Joan in her studio and video first hand how Joan did what she did. This will be offered in 5 min. segments weekly. Part two is coming.

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SO. . . you want to learn how to Paint . . .

30 Nov

Well, Kelly, I’m proud you’re interested in learning.  You ARE Joan’s (Johnson) grandaughter.  30 something, and never held a brush, I hear.  You have always admired and loved your grandmother, and her painting ability and creativeness.

Oh!, your mom was taught painting by Joan, way back when.  Tara loved to paint in those years with Joan and was a good student.

The aforementioned scenario above has turned into Kelly’s favor as you are probably surmising.  Yes, Kelly and Tara have set aside Wednesday evenings after work to pursue learning about brushes, oil paints, tracing paper, gesso, thinner and patterns, etc, etc.  Where else would they start . . . Joan’s, BLENDED METHOD Pkt., Joan’s basic method for oil painting for ALL of her Packets, Patterns and Books.

Tara, has, even with a busy work schedule offered to paint with and teach her daughter what she has learned about decorative oil painting.

Where?  The kitchen table, is the spot at present.  The photos shown represent a typical “learn how to paint” home venue.

I”m tickled pink (red+white) with the myriad possibilities of Kelly moving through the Blended Method, to Lesson Pkts., to POM’s to Realistic Roses.

Grandpa Howard

Work area showing Tara’s old note/workbook.

Kelly’s first two projects from Blended Method Pkt.

A’ha! I understand.

Mom and daughter painting together.

“Look what I’ve done”.

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24 Aug

from Realistic Roses, Oil & Acrylic, pg 20

from Realistic Roses, Oil & Acrylic, pg 20

Oil to Watercolor.  A good customer paints Joan’s patterns with watercolors.  Huh!  How can that be?  Joan the “old school” oil painter has most of her instructions dedicated to her limited 8 color oil palette (she could mix to any color in a tube … she was good at that).

from Realistic Roses, Oil & Acrylic, pg 18

Well, Viva La watercolor conversion.  Joyce Tennis sent some watercolor samples of her renditions of Joan’s patterns.  I was very pleased with her results.  Note, she followed the patterns but used watercolors to get that “soft, flowing look” that only watercolors can give.  Congratulations!, Joyce.

from Roses, Lace & Dewdrops, pg.12

I’d like to show examples from acrylic painters who have used Joan’s patterns as well.  There’s a lot of painting going on “out there”.  Maybe that could be my next blog?

Old school, new school, let Joan’s patterns, books and lesson pkts. inspire and excite all who visit her web site.


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Raccoon – What Fun!

14 Aug

Here's looking at you!

What else!  A raccoon peeking  out of his home from a knothole in a tree.  Joan was inspired by, who knows where she found this knothole.  So, viola, she comes up with or imagines a raccoon peering out from this natural knothole.  This inspired POM #9 “Raccoon” (see Patterns list of POM’s).  I had forgotten this object d’arte until I saw it on my son Larry’s wall the other day.  I thought it would be interesting to share in a blog with my painters.

This POM was one of Joans  most wanted and had to be reprinted.  We decided to accommodate painters with a replica of the knot hole, so had a mold made and made reproductions of the knothole for sale.  They seemed to go together.  I have no idea how many we sold, but if you have a friend who has one with a raccoon peeking out, you have “the story”.  If you decide to paint “Raccoon”,  sorry, you have to find your own knothole.


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Wichita SDP Convention, May 18-22, 2010

28 Jun


Day 1, POM winner, Phyllis Gibbs

For those of you who didn’t attend this very successful convention, here are a few pictures of our participation at the event.We held a drawing for each day, for 3 days, giving a prize of 25 hard copies of various POM’s.  This was to meet conventioneers and give us email addresses for promotion of our new web site.

Day 2 winner was Marge Bode.  Day 3 winner was Jeanette Lewis (not present for prize, it was given to an alternate).

It was fun to introduce ourselves to prospective new customers and talk about Joan and her contribution to Decorative Painting and the SDP.

The purpose of including a Blog on this web site is to update happenings and bring old and new information about Joan and Joan Patterns.  And, their place in the “old days” and the NOW…the 21st century.  I hope you will check our Blog monthly to stay current with us.

Jodi, Kelly and “” booth

Assisting at our booth was my wife Jodi and granddaughter Kelly.  Jodi and I have been married 18 years, she is a real booster of Joan and her painting.  Jodi, Kelly and I were afforded the opportunity to meet Joan’s and my painting friends as far back as the 1960’s.  Reminiscence proved to be a “feel good” and happy emotion.
God truly blessed my life with two wonderful wives.

Joan Johnson’s glass display cabinet, SDP Museum

The SDP Museum at Headquarters include a wide variety of decorative painters and their art.  These art examples are of all media in oils, acrylic, watercolor, etc.  Joan’s pieces in this glass cabinet include a framed Rose, an Asparagus mini book, a Rose POM, a Cornucopia and a mini biography of Joan.  It was difficult to get good pictures because of reflections.

Joan’s glass display cabinet, SDP Museum (another look)

Standing beside Quilted Look cabinet w/Print above

Another view of Joan’s glass display cabinet.  Upper left, a candle sconce with Blended Method grapes with leaves, and my newest donations, a cabinet painted from her Roundabouts book and a better view of her framed Rose.The Quilted Look cabinet was also donated at convention.  The cabinet stands under a framed Print of the same, donated at an earlier time.I’m very proud of Joan’s pieces and SDP for including Joan’s work in their current Museum of Decorative Art.  If you have the opportunity to visit the SDP Museum, it would be time well spent to view art and artists representing some of the best the SDP has collected.  You will recognize names and pieces you have probably seen in the Decorative Painter magazine.

Howard Johnson

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