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Touring Joan Patterns...

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is where the heart is.  "A Painter True" is the heart of Joan Johnson . . . “true talent cannot idly sit”.  Enjoy the 3 slideshows.

Meet JoanFind out what made Joan Johnson – the artist and person – “tick” by perusing this brief biography, complete with tributes from several of those whom she so readily inspired.

FREE e-PatternTry one out on us! Download this complimentary sample of one of Joan’s most popular patterns – we know you will be pleased at the ease of downloading, the informative instructions, and the quality of the printable images . . . all yours to save on your computer for use again and again!

ProductsThree types of products are available for your purchase and download, all in PDF format:

  • E-PatternsChoose from 100 patterns in Joan’s popular “Pattern of the Month” (POM) series.  Beginning in 1975, we offered a new pattern, once a month, on a subscription basis.  This series continued for over eight years (ending April 1983), resulting in 100 patterns featuring various subjects/themes for decorative painters of all levels. 

  • E-Packets: All levels of painters will enjoy the variety of instructional technique guides featured in these 18 packets.  The Blended Method packet explains Joan’s famous Blended Method.  Likewise, her Quilted Look packet explains a technique she developed in 1989, just prior to her death.  The balance of the 16 remaining Lesson Packets were created in 1966 and 1967 to cover basic strokes and instructional material for beginning tole and decorative painters.

  • E-Books: 14 full-length pattern and technique books are available for purchase, including Background Finishes . . . Step-by-Step books on Realistic Roses Acrylic and Oil, Strawberries, Mushrooms, Holiday/Christmas, 3 more Rose Books, Acrylic, Combination Oil & Acrylic and four Blended Method subjects designed specifically for the beginner decorative painter.

All patterns, books and packets are available for viewing as thumbnail images (small) or as larger JPGs (accessible by clicking the initial, smaller image).  Browse through the designs and choose your favorites.

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Printing Tips – A note from Howard Johnson, Joan’s husband:

With me having been a graphic artist all of my life, Joan and I were always concerned about ensuring a quality printed representation of everything she painted. How it looked visually or what it said were very important to us. Can electronic media compare with the hard copy that we provided all those years? I have been amazed with the fidelity of printed samples I have compared . . . so, yes, it is possible!

I am pleased with the quality of electronic files for all of our products. Desktop printers are of varying capabilities – medium, good, and excellent. My suggestion for the printer at your disposal is to use a paper recommended by your printer’s manufacturer. My printer is an inkjet printer, so I use “color inkjet,” “bright white inkjet,” and “premium photo high-gloss photo” papers, depending on the quality of image desired.

Obviously, if you don’t have a color printer, take your file on a CD or flash drive to FedexOffice, Office Depot, or other similar vendors for good quality prints. Also, always print your test prints on less-expensive paper and save your final color prints for the higher-quality paper.

I hope these comments help your printing decisions!

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