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(12) Cherries Lesson Packet
(12) Cherries Lesson Packet
(12) CHERRIES LESSON PACKET    This packet contains   a Stroke Dictionary,   Full-Color Pattern,   Tracing Pattern,   Basic Strokes,   Hints,   Step-by-Step Instructions,   Application Idea,   and 4 Patterns.

Also included are step-by-step instructions on the Advanced Cherry, Stems and Highlights.  Oil is the medium.  For all levels of painters.

Joan Johnson in 1966 and 1967 designed 16 Lesson Packets.  Please see the titles listed on the cart pages from  (1) Strokes  through  (16) Background Lighting.  These packets were ALL ORIGINAL and were an attempt to cover many instructions for tole and decorative painting for beginning painters.  We hope you enjoy each Lesson Packet and either study and paint them or add them to an archive collection of Joan's legasy of Decorative Painting.
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